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Data center specifications

Our production services are hosted at the Endeavor Data Center. The center guarantees 99.999% up-time via service level agreement on power and environmental controls. The location is geographically favorable located outside of flood and emergency evacuation areas.

Physical security

  • Multiple guards and escort personnel patrol and monitor all personnel entering, operating in, and leaving the facility on a 24/7 basis, providing financial‐grade protection.
  • Digital high‐resolution video surveillance throughout entire facility and colocation space.
  • Two‐factor coded card keys and bio-metric iris recognition on colocation entries.
  • Customer picture identification verification on entry.
  • Secured parking with surveillance and roving guard patrols.
  • Secured loading dock with escorted security entry.

Power plant

  • AC filtered power provided via redundant UPS systems (no customer UPS required in colocation areas).
  • Redundant UPS systems with 40 minute reserve load carry for diesel generator synchronization and load assumption (typically 15‐20 seconds).
  • N+1 UPS and generator plant.
  • DC power availability.
  • Parallel, redundant power circuits to customer cabinets.
  • 5‐day generator fuel reserve.
  • Entire power plant is suspended for security and flood protection.

Environmental controls

  • N+2 HVAC system utilizing a pressurized raised floor system.
  • Pressurized raised floor allows more precise directing of cooling eliminating hot spots in customer colocation areas.
  • N+2 cooling towers providing chilled water to HVAC systems.
  • 24×7 monitored and controlled temperature and humidity conditions.

Fire suppression and control

  • Sophisticated dry pipe fire sprinkler system with multiple interlocks.
  • Smoke detection above and below floor.
  • Routine fire patrols in building and multiple security personnel to handle alarms.

Server network

For security reasons all communication in and out of our production infrastructure runs via a pair of firewalls, with one of them acting as a hot-spare for the other. All access is tightly controlled; almost all communication is restricted to what is known as a DMZ where our pair of load balancers operate. External sources are only allowed to communicate with the DMZ, and only the load balancers in the DMZ are allowed to communicate with our back-end servers where the applications and data reside.

Access from the load balancers to the back end servers are also run through the firewall and tightly restricted. We also operate on a similar basis with the state’s private network, all access is tightly controlled via the firewalls. This ensures that no external source has access to any of the data in our infrastructure, except via web services hosted by NIC Hawaii.

All command line access to servers are controlled by a central authentication system, which enforces regular password changes (90 days), and carries out strength checks on any password to ensure that logins are not vulnerable to common dictionary attacks or similar methods. If a password is older than 90 days the account is automatically disabled, blocking all access.

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