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HIC rebrand

20 years ago, when Hawaii Information Consortium was founded as a digital government services company, we were the only game in town. We built services and websites that were modern and useful. Our government partners loved us and their constituents appreciated the online services.

Fast forward to today, there is a lot of competition and anyone can build online services that are modern and useful. We’ve chosen to rebrand our company to put our best foot forward and highlight our greatest strengths and values that set us apart from other companies in the government sector.


HIC logo

Our logo is designed to solidify our company name, Hawaii Information Consortium. Our abbreviated name, “H I C”, is meant to be said by pronouncing each letter. The logotype uses bold font, and all uppercase lettering for emphasis.

The 3 circles are an abstract representation of our company values:  Technology, Partnership, and Solutions. These values constantly overlap and combine in everything we do so it is only right that we include it in the logo.

The tagline, “the people behind” figuratively describes our relevance to our audiences. We are a group of people and our job is to make the best it can be.

Identifying our strengths and values

Our first strength to highlight is Technology. We understand and know how to implement the best and latest technology. Microservices, blockchain, SaaS, software platforms, WordPress — we know the right tool for the job and have the experience to implement it.

Our government partners are our inspiration and north star. Partnership is of the highest value to us. We work with you to build a lasting relationship with dedicated customer support for the life of your project, flexible funding models, and world class design. We partner with you to help make people’s interactions with government better.

And the last value to highlight is how, together, we find Solutions. Through the combination of Technology and Partnership, we create successful solutions. And by nature of our partnerships, our success is intrinsically tied to your success.


Circles are special. Circles are dynamic, not static. They give the feeling of movement and growth and can symbolize community and inclusion. All of these are characteristics we work and strive for. The overlapping circles are representative of how our strengths and values combine to make new shapes that we can discover by working together as partners.

a basic outline of our planned logo


The best way to choose the right color is through the strategic use of color psychology. We know that certain colors impact us emotionally (on a somewhat subconscious level) so choosing the right colors to provide the specific emotional impact to match our values and strengths will add meaning at a deeper level.

We chose blue to match with Technology. Blue evokes the emotional act of trust. It helps convey that security is an integral part of what we do.

We chose yellow to match with Partnership. Yellow is the color of friendship, enthusiasm, optimism, and happiness. Yellow shows that we have a bright future partnering together.

When we combine blue and yellow, we get green — which is cool because when we combine technology and partnership, we get solutions and success. Green is a great match for Solutions. Green evokes the feeling of health, well-being, and upward growth.

Hover over the circles.


Because we primarily build digital government services for a variety of screen sizes, Raleway met our specifications of being a clean, sans-serif typeface that is easy-to-read at many different font sizes.

close up of the W with a little v in it

Looking forward

It is because of our strengths and values, and ability to learn and evolve that we are still in business today. We hope that our rebranding has a positive impact on people and communicates our ongoing commitment to our partnership with the State of Hawaii. We look forward to continuing to collaborate and build great digital government services and websites for another 20 years.

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