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Volunteer Event: Build a Playground

Janet is going to be taking part in a volunteer activity with her family on Saturday 10/12. If you would like to participate, please coordinate with her. She is currently signed up for the dusk (5:30pm – 8ish) shift but they may end up going earlier.

If you aren’t skilled in building or don’t want to do anything strenuous, they need volunteers to check in/out the equipment there as well as volunteers to bring food & drinks for lunch.

Event details:

  • Location: Holy Nativity School (Aina Haina)
  • Activity: Building a playground for the kiddies.

Through a grassroots effort, the citizens Aina Haina and the Holy Nativity School will be joining hands to build a state-of-the-art, “natural”, playground. The playground will not only be for the children of Holy Nativity School, but may also be accessed by children throughout the area during community functions. What makes this project unique is that the playground has been designed by and for the children, it uses recycled and natural products and the Holy Nativity School will be reaching out to the entire Aina Haina community to supply the labor to build the playground in only five days from October 9-13, 2013.

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